Talkin' bout red

Lately i'm really obsessed with the colour red. I dont know if it has got anything to do with me being in an early christmas mood or just perhaps because I didn't have anything red in my closet. Well, I have to admit that I have a red bright chino pants that I haven't worn for ages but thats because I think its too bright and i'm over the phase of wearing way too bright colours. The first red item that I bought is a red cotton sweater from river woods. I remember giving someone therapy while i was doing my internship in Brugge and this person was wearing a red v-neck sweater with a blue and white striped shirt underneath it and I was in love with the combination. Since then I have been looking around shops for ages to find the same combination but unfortunately I never found the same looking shirt. I added a picture down below to show you what I'm talking about. I did find a cotton sweater that looks pretty much the same at the river woods shop and it was in discount so as a shopping addict would say: "It was a sign from god to buy it straight away!". Another red sweater I bought is a hoodie from ralph lauren. When I dont have class or anything important to do I love to wear hoodies. They're simply perfect for when you have a day of or for visiting friends on a lazy sunday. Hoodies are comfy but that doesn't mean they should be worn all the time because even though they're comfortable and easy to wear, you shouldn't wear them too much. They make you look younger and they give an image of je m'en fous about my style.

Danish design

I personally think it's very hard to find a beautiful neutral watch for men that matches all of your outfits. When I found this perfect watch designed by Danish Design I couldn't be more happy. What I love the most about this watch is that it has this scandinavian minimalistic touch that makes it very versatile. Black is a colour that you can combine with almost everything which makes it possible to wear this watch every day with any outfit you're wearing. If you are interested in buying a watch from Danish Design or any other brand that Joca horloges is selling then you can get a big discount code through my blog. You can have a 15% discount if you enter the code "blackmaze2013" when you are buying your product. This code is active untill the first of january. Isn't this the perfect opportunity to buy your most loved ones the perfect christmas gift? I would highly recommend anyone to buy a watch from Joca horloges. This has got to by my favourite webshop for buying watches. They offer a big range of timeless quality watches and they are very committed with their webshop. They also sell great brands such as Poseidon and Yves Camani. When you contact them you get a very quick reply which is very important if you're in doubt and you need help. You can also find Joca horloges on facebook and instagram where you can find great discounts.

Where y'all tumblrs at?!

I still remember the first day I made my very first tumblr. The only thing I would do was search for fashion pictures on the internet and upload them and desperately wait for someone to reblog them. Unfortunately that didn't happen because I didn't have any followers and I did not have a clue what 'tags' meant. A few weeks later I started following other pages and I gained some followers. I finally had my first reblog! From that moment on I got caught in the tumblr 'hype'. What I really like about tumblr is that you can follow your favourite pages and you just know that the pictures or texts they are going to upload or reblog will be something you like. The pages I am following are fashion, artistic and luxury related. It's fun to open your tumblr dashboard and see all those inspiring pictures that make get you inspired and make you dream. Most of the pictures I reblog are pictures that inspire me or clothes that I am desperately craving for. I have to say my page is more fashion related with a hint of artistic pictures. I would recommend anyone to create a tumblr page and start searching for labels or designers you like. It's very addictive! Feel free to visit my tumblr page or drop your tumblr link so I can follow your page. It's always fun to discover bloggers their tumblr!

Timex weekender

This watch is designed for fashionable men that love a more sophisticated watch instead of a plain regular leather watch. You can wear this watch throughout the whole year. The weekender watch goes perfectly well with a polo shirt when it's a sunny day and it will create the ultimate preppy look. You can also combine it with a neutral coloured sweater that will instantly make your outfit a lot more interesting and stand out. In my opinion you can never go wrong with a preppy timex watch. These watches are available with a lot of coloured straps. I picked one with a red and blue strap because I have a lot of blue sweaters. When you pick a multi coloured watch it's always very important that you keep in mind what colours you wear the most. Just to give an example, I wouldn't combine this watch with a green or orange polo/sweater. You don't want to look like a rainbow. Another thing I love about this watch is that it's waterproof. I tend to forget that i'm wearing a watch sometimes. 10:35 is an amazing webshop that offers tons of watches for men and women. Daniel Wellington, Triwa, Komono and Luminox are just a few of the brands they offer. They are incredibly friendly when you have a question and they will answer as quick as possible when you have a question. After receiving the weekender watch I already found another watch on the webshop that's on my wishlist. You can also find 10:35 on facebook.

Shoes speak louder than words

New season equals new shoes. I love a leather quality shoe that isn't destroyed after wearing it a couple of years. Even though a couple of years is a lot since the quality from a lot of shoes isn't that great. While shopping I found this pair of Clarks. I never had a pair of shoes from Clarks so I wasn't sure if I should buy them or not but I haven't regret it (yet). They look amazing on coloured jeans and they also fit under a regular pair of blue jeans. I have to admit that all my leather shoes are brown. It's an easy colour that goes well with almost everything. I do own a pair of black classic shoes but they aren't leather and they wouldn't survive fall or winter I guess. I'm surprised I didn't buy a pair of ankleboots because every year around this time I come home with a pair of them. Tommy Hilfiger has got the best ankle boots in my opinion. I bought a pair in 2008 and I still wear them a lot. I would really recommend them to anyone out there that is reading my blog. The quality is amazing! The only downside about a new pair shoes is that my heels are always sore and have a lot of blisters but luckily that annoying situation doesn't last for a long time. I hope you like my new pair of shoes!